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Untitled (Rubble)

Remains and vestiges work as standpoints to visualize and (re)construct the past. They are the crumbling mass that create a certain history of the events once occurred and function as places to storage memory, certainties and beliefs. 

Untitled (Rubble) more than a finished work is a process; a methodology applied to different places in which architecture remnants are collected from streets in order to rethink its value and meaning. It acknowledges the fact that a rubble stops being architecture to become symbol. The piece is a meticulous, careful and geometric organisation of vestiges so they can recover somehow its use and regain a place. Thus, fragments taken out from their contexts are more loaded with meaning as they become archeological, symbolic or artistic objects. In doing this, Rubble emphasizes the rigidness and static condition of architecture while simultaneously makes an attempt to make it portable and movable.

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