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 One Bedroom, Flat

  Wood, recycled wood
  Dimensions Variable

It is through space that we connect with the world around us, however, it is not just about the space itself, but the way we signify it; the proportions we give to it, the fixed measures we attribute to it —as a way to understand it and to understand each other. Thus, the space is not just signified by us, but more importantly, it signifies us; as it crosses language, bodies and categories. 

In an attempt to understand the processes of these shared meanings created between the space and the person that inhabits it, One Bedroom, Flat makes a process of  ‘spatial thought’ in which  a home is remodels using the same scale but changing the materials. This way, a private space is deconstructed and reconstructed in order to be grasped spatially and through its symbols.

“One Bedroom, Flat” 345 square feet of recycled wood stacks on top of a very delicate thin wooden structure in five different piles using as reference the size and distribution of my house.

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